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Thank you for visiting this website. We believe the Bible is God's true and timeless message of hope and life to everyone. Jesus, God made visible and the one for whom and in whom all things exist, came into the world, the Truth and the Light to make reconcilliation with God possible through his own suffering and death. Our aim for this website is to be as accurate as we can to scripture and God's truth but we are still learning, so we are the first to admit gaps in our understanding and our need for on-going correction.

Remembering too, that God has not revealed in the Bible the answers to everything we might want to ask. He has revealed everything we need to know and understand, but for the other things and the questions we haven't even thought of, we can leave them to God. We are in the hands of one whose knowledge is complete. We hope you found something helpful and interesting. We are praying for you.

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