Bible Structure - An Overview of Bible Books: Joshua to Esther - Section 2.

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Bible Structure - Section 2 - Man's Need for a King

Understanding the Structure of Section 2 of the Bible: Joshua to Esther

This is a set of slides describing the structure of Section 2, the Historical Section, of the Bible: Joshua to Esther.

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Bible Structure: Understanding the Historic Books
The Historic Books (Joshua to Esther)
Joshua - The Book of Possession
Judges - Deliverances
Ruth - Faith and Faithlessness
1 Samuel - Transition
2 Samuel - Theocratic Monarchy
1 Kings - Disruption
2 Kings - Corruption
1 Chronicles - The Temple, Desired and Approached
2 Chronicles - The Temple Possessed and Abandoned
Ezra - A Returning Remnant
Nehemiah - Consolidation
Esther - God Amid the Shadows