Bible Structure - An Overview of Bible Books: Job to Malachi - Section 3.

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Bible Structure - Section 3 - Man's Need for a Prophet

Understanding the Structure of Section 3 of the Bible: Job to Malachi

This is a set of slides describing the structure of Section 3, the Teaching Section, of the Bible: Job to Malachi.

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Bible Structure: Understanding the Teaching Books
The Teaching Books (Joel to Song of Solomon)
The Teaching Books (Isaiah to Amos)
The Teaching Books (Obadiah to Malachi)
Job - The Problem of Pain (1/2)
Job - The Problem of Pain (2/2)
Psalms 1-41 - Adoring Worship
Psalms 42-72 - Wondering Worship
Psalms 73-89 - Ceaseless Worship
Psalms 90-106 - Submissive Worship
Psalms 107-150 - Perfected Worship (1/1)
Psalms 107-150 - Perfected Worship (2/2)
Proverbs - Practical Wisdom
Ecclesiastes - The Vanity of Materialism
Song of Solomon - The Canticles of Love
Isaiah - The Prophet of the Theocracy
Jeremiah - The Prophet of Failure
Lamentations - The Lamentations of Jeremiah
Ezekiel - The Prophet of Hope
Daniel - The Prophet of Interpretation
Hosea - Spiritual Adultery
Joel - The Day of the Lord
Amos - National Accountability
Obadiah - The Curse of Cowardice
Jonah - Condemnation of Exclusiveness
Micah - Authority False and True
Nahum - A Vindication of Vengeance
Habakkuk - The Problems of Faith
Zephaniah - The Severity and Goodness of God
Haggai - The Duty of Courage
Zechariah - The Apocalypse of the Old Testament
Malachi - Unconscious Corruption