Searchlights from the Word by G. Campbell Morgan: Jude

Helpful outline sermon suggestion from every chapter from the Book of Jude

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The Book of Jude - "Searchlights from the Word" by G. Campbell Morgan.

Chapter 1

Unto Him that is able.
Jude 24

These are words full of comfort, and they are pre-eminently fitted as the last to be considered in these New Testament letters. They introduce a great doxology, and suggest the inspiration of it. The whole value of this letter of Jude is that it warns us against apostasy, as it shows the perils thereof. Through all these writings we have been considering, in many ways and in various applications, "the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints." To deny that faith is to perish. That faith is denied most definitely, not by intellectual dissent, but by practical disobedience. What can be more important than this should be brought home to us, as it is in this vivid writing. And yet the peril is very real, and withal it is most insidious. How shall we guard against it? How shall we be true to the faith, in face of the forces which seek to destroy it? The answer is here at the end. There is One Who is "able to guard us from stumbling." And He is "the only God our Saviour." He is the One in Whom our faith is centred. He is our faith. Then the final responsibility is the initial activity. We must still live by confidence in Him. We must keep ourselves in the love of God, by building up ourselves on our most holy faith, and by praying in the Holy Spirit. As we do so, He is able to guard us.